Gaming Weekend

Another weekend of gaming.



Saturday brought along a new game, Dragonheart.  Dragonheart is a point scoring game for two people.  The rules are pretty simple, score enough points through point combinations before three sets of ships sail.  If there are any questions about what takes what, it is all laid out on the game board itself.  It is really simple to pick up, quick to play and very enjoyable.

My score for the game is one win and two losses.  Pretty much how most of my games go.

Note: This was not this week's game

Note: This was not this week’s game

Sunday brought along the usual Star Wars: X-Wing night.  I split two matches, losing the first and winning the second.  The difference this time around is that I did not switch squads, keeping the same Rebel squad of three X-Wings and an A-Wing.  I determined two things this time around.  First, putting cluster bombs on an A-Wing are useless since the A-Wing will usually get blown up first and fastest.  Secondly, having Wedge Antilles as an X-Wing pilot is very advantageous, especially if you are rolling well.  If I do anything with the squad, it would be to swap out the A-Wing with something with a bit more shields and hull, like a Y-Wing.



With Monday winding down, I started with a solo game of Castle Panic.  Castle Panic is a great cooperative game which also includes solo rules as well.  It was close, real close.  I had depleted the monster bag and had one ogre left on the field.  Unfortunately, that one ogre was already in my castle ring and proceeded to take out my castle towers and there was nothing I could do about it.

Oh well, I’ll just have to get them next time.



Next was a solo run of Ascension: Storm of Souls.  This game I picked up Sunday before the X-Wing games.  This stand alone expansion is a deck builder game.  The rules are pretty simple.  You build your deck by buying cards from a central play area, while defeating monsters from that same area.  As you accumulate cards, your ability to fight the stronger monsters grows, and with each monster defeat comes victory points.  It may not be the best deck builder game out there, but it is pretty easy to pick up and good for a novice to try out.

I still don't have the desk space for this game

I still don’t have the desk space for this game

Finally, the night ended with my first full play through of Arkham Horror, especially since I had a better grasp of the rules this time around.

It really did not help.  The elder god still arose and I still lost.  But at least this time, I understood how the turns play out and actually got some gates closed before it all went to Hell in a hand basket.  The only downside of the game is that as I was carefully putting all of pieces away, the board had a mishap.  It’s still usable, its just in two pieces, that’s all.

I also found a couple of game websites that are pretty decent.  The first is  This site allows you to keep track of games you played and games you want to play.  The other is  It does a lot of similar things as, but it is a bit more polished. definitely has more games in its database, though.


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