5 Games I Want To Play (and Why I Haven’t)

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have recently started getting interested in board and card games.  And with this interest, my personal collection has begun to grow.

But, there are still a number of games out there that I would want to try, but haven’t for various reasons.

Mansions of Madness

Courtesy: Amazon.com

Courtesy: Amazon.com

This is one game that I actually own.Published by Fantasy Flight Games, Mansions of Madness allows players to assume the role of investigators trying to solve the mystery of the mansion.  Multiple set ups with scenarios are available for play, which allows for multiple plays.  In addition, there are expansions available to augment this game.

It was tough for me to pass it up, it looked that cool.  The Lovecraftian theme got be interested, and the playing pieces look real cool, even unpainted.

Why I Haven’t Played It

The game itself requires at least two players to play (it will play up to five).  Unfortunately, I usually cannot muster another player to play against.  In addition, there is an extensive set up for the scenarios, most of which look like they take a while to set up.  Finally, I would most likely be the one setting up the scenarios, and I would like to be one of the investigators at least once


Courtesy: Amazon.com

Courtesy: Amazon.com

Resistance is a game of deception and backstabbing.  Set in a dystopian future, the players take the role of members of a resistance movement.  They must complete multiple missions to win the game.  However, there are two members of their group who are secretly working against them.

I watched this game played on Wil Wheaton’s TableTop on Youtube.com.  The missions almost become secondary to the accusations of who loyal to the resistance and who want to see it fall.

Why I Haven’t Played It

So effectively play this game, you must have at least five people playing (the game says it is for five to ten players).  Even on TableTop, Wheaton needed a fifth person to demonstrate the game.  There are times when I have problems gathering two people to play a game.  Gathering four others to play seems like a Herculean labor.

In addition, once roles are given out, everyone closes their eyes and the two working against the resistance open to see who is the other traitor.  It seems like this will lend itself to easier cheating, either overtly or inadvertantly.

Ticket To Ride

Courtesy: Amazon.com

Courtesy: Amazon.com

Ticket to Ride puts players into the roles of railroad tycoons.  Using color coded cards, players try to assemble enough to complete routes across the country completing trip tickets.  The game plays until one player runs out of train pieces.  Players then gain points for completed tickets, lose points for incomplete tickets, and gain a bonus if they have the longest route.

Ticket to Ride also has a number of expansions, allowing players to play in the United States, Europe, Africa, and a multitude of other locations.

Why I Haven’t Played It

There are a lot of pieces for the game.  I mean, A LOT.  Between the cards and the train pieces, there are to many parts to the game to keep track of.  Even during the game, one wrong move and everything is completely messed up.  I’ve seen it happen.  I would be so afraid of losing some of those pieces  that I would not even want to even take it out of the box unless I was playing on a game table that had a lip on it.

Cards Against Humanity

Courtesy: Amazon.com

Courtesy: Amazon.com

Cards Against Humanity is a card game where players try to pick the funniest answer to a posed questions based off cards in their hands.  It is similar to Apples to Apples, except that the answers tend to be, well, a bit disturbing.

I have seen some of the answers on the cards.  They are quite disturbing, and certainly not safe for work.  But it looks like a quite enjoyable party game.

Why I Haven’t Played It

I mentioned that a lot of the answers are not safe for work, right?  This just is not the type of game to pull out at work when you have some down time, at least, not with the answers I saw.


Courtesy: Amazon.com

Courtesy: Amazon.com

Zombies!!! is a tile based card and dice game.  Players are trying to flee a city filled with zombies.  Each turn, the players draw tiles which add streets and buildings as they search for the holy grail of locations: the helipad.  Along the way, the players will face off against the zombies in the city.  Reach the helipad and you win.  Kill 25 zombies and you win.  You have cards with bonus abilities to help you.  But, you still will have to rely on a roll of the dice to defeat the zombies.

Why I Haven’t Played It

Zombies!!! can really sprawl.  If you do not have the space, you might run into issues as you add more and more tiles while trying to find that helipad.  And that is just the basic game.  If you start adding expansions (and there are a ton of expansions for this game), you can easily expand off a table, or four.  In addition, there are lots of zombie pieces, lots and lots of pieces.  I just don’t have the space available where I am to deal with a game that can expand that much.

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  1. It’s been ages since I played an actual board game. I keep seeing Arkham Horror at Barnes and Noble and since it’s for 1-8 players it may be right up my alley since I would never be able to find anyone to play with.

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