Gaming Weekend

Board game collection

Board game collection (Photo credit: Average Jane)

This weekend of board and card games left me thinking one thing.  There really needs to be a website like for board and card games, especially since there are so many games out there to keep track of.  Just as is a place where book lovers can keep track of what they have read and what they want to read, there needs to be a place where gamers can keep track of what they have played, what they thought of those games, and what they want to play.

The reason why I thought this is that this weekend was definitely a game weekend.  Snow coverage in the Northeast had me stuck at work, and then kept from heading home once work was over.  Naturally, we took advantage of the time by playing a whole bunch of games.  My coworkers have become my co-gamers in times like this.

We started with Smash Up, which looks cool.  The only problem we ran into is keeping track of the points on the bases, not easy when you don’t really want to do a lot of math.  When this game was played on Wil Wheaton’s show, TableTop, they used specially designed bases for the show.  I think that if they haven’t yet, AEG (the company that makes Smash Up) should release these bases to the public.  Or, at the very least, a set of five base cards bases that can he used for scoring.

Next up was a game that I wanted to play, Le Fantôme de l’Opéra.  This board game is pretty straight forward: find out who is the Phantom before Carlotta flees the opera house.  I had picked up the game mostly because I am an Phantom mark.  The game is based off the same mechanics as Mr. Jack, which pits investigators against Jack the Ripper.  In a sense, this is a simplified and thematic version of Clue with a time limit (the afore mentioned Carlotta’s flight from the opera house).  I personally liked this game.  It did not require a lot of prep work or rule reading, and we were able to get in a few games, switching back and forth with who was the investigator and who was the Phantom.

Star Fluxx, an old mainstay, was up next, though we only got in a game and a half of that before we really needed to stop.  I have managed to hook a lot of my coworkers on Fluxx and its variants.

Once we were done with our coverage, we started the games again.  Two of us decided to stay at work until the roads were more passable, the rest either living nearby or staying at hotels.  We did make an attempted at Doctor Who: The Card Game, but we were thwarted by a lack of players.  They game is meant for 3 to 6 players, and we were down to two by that point.

We moved onto The Struggle For Catan at that point.  After a quick video to get the idea on how to play, we set up for a couple of games.  I can see how people who have played Settlers of Catan may be a bit disappointed with this card game version, but for a couple of people who had never played any Catan based game, it was a good way to introduce us to the concepts involved with the game.  It made me want to play the Catan board game, and possible look for some of the other variants of the game as well.

We ended the night with a few hands of Uno, the classic card game.  Many times we called each other a bastard when we played a +4 card.

Once I got home on Sunday (and after a lot of sleep), I tried my hand at the deck building game, Thunderstone Advanced.  It was my first deck builder, picked because it looked interesting, it was a single player game, and it was ten dollars less than the Pathfinder deck builder.  Once I got the hang of the game mechanics, I really enjoyed playing it.


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