5 Decent Co-op/Solo Games

I have lamented about this before.  Recently, I have had a growing interest in board games lately.  I blame Wil Wheaton’s TableTop on Youtube.com.  The big problem I have is that I do not have a lot of friends outside of work, nor do I really have the time to get together with people to play these games.

Thankfully, there are a number of solo and co-op games out there that I can enjoy.  I include co-op game here simply because many of them can be played solo because of the teamwork theme of the games.

An aside note, a number of these games have been featured on TableTop, which is great if you are new to the game.

1) Elder Sign

Elder Sign is a dice rolling game that follows the H.P. Lovecraft/Cthulhu theme like Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror.  Elder Sign however, does not require a massive playing space like the latter two board games.  The game plays one to eight players, pitting them against one of Lovecraft’s horrifying elder gods.  Players explore rooms in a museum, collecting clues, spells, trophies, and items while seeking the elder signs that will lock away the elder god and win the game.  Fail the dice roll, and you pay the price.

As noted, the game plays one to eight players, allowing for solo play by controlling one character exploring the museum ans trying to find the way to defeat the elder god without dying or going insane.  Because you are constantly replacing rooms, the game has a lot of replay ability.

2) Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island is a co-operative game where the players are treasure hunters looking for specific treasures on the titular forbidden island.  Working against them is the island itself, which is slowly sinking around them.  Collect the treasures and get back to the landing pad before the island sinks and you win.  But, there are many ways of losing the game.

The game is designed to be played by two to four players.  But, because of the co-operative nature of the game (everyone wins or everyone sinks), the game actually can be played solo by one player taking the role of two to four characters.

3) Forbidden Desert

A variation of Forbidden Island above by the same maker, Forbidden Desert drops the characters into the middle of the desert, with a massive sand storm in the middle of it.  Players escavate tiles to find clues to the locations of the parts to create an ancient flying machine that will carry them out of the desert.  But beware, the storm will move around the play area, piling up sand dunes that will hinder the players’ search.  Furthermore, if the sun beats down on the players too much, they will run out of water and die.

Again, this is a co-operative game geared for play by two to five players.  Again, because of the co-operative theme of the game, it can still be played solo in much the same manner that Forbidden Island can.

4) Pandemic

In Pandemic, the players are members of the CDC fighting against four diseases that have broken out across the world.  Collect like colored cards to cure the disease.  But, beware, every turn, the disease spreads.  Hit too many outbreaks, and you lose the game.

Pandemic is geared for two to four players.  But, because you are fighting against the diseases on the board instead of the other players, the game can be handled by one player solo.

5) Castle Panic

Castle Panic is a simple castle defense game.  Keep the enemy from destroying your castle, and you win.  But, you are facing against goblins, orcs and ogres, all looking to destroy your castle.  Luckily, you do have archers, knights and swordsmen to protect your fortress from destruction.

Castle Panic can be played by up to six players, with rule variants available, along with single player rules.


These are a few of the games I have been able to try out.  If you have a favorite co-operative or single player game, please let me know in the comments below.  I am always looking for new games to try.


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  1. Five solid choices! I absolutely love Elder Sign and the Arkham Horror games in general even if the dice and cards sometimes seem to be doing everything to kill you. Really want to get my hands on Forbidden Island some day when I have the money though, looked like great fun on TableTop Games!

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