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Game Weekend

It’s been a busy weekend for games.



First, I tried out Guillotine.  As you can figure out, this is a French Revolution theme to it with a good mix of dark humor added.  Players take the role of executioners taking the heads of nobles as they march to the guillotine over the course of three days.  The nobles are different values from 5 (King Louis XVI, etc.) to -3.  Yes, it is possible to execute people that the people like.  Players also can use actions to alter the line, from moving characters forward or backward in the line, to even reversing the live.  It was actually pretty fun.



Saturday, I tried my hand at Pathfinder Adventure Card Game… again.  I say again because I tried it out earlier this week playing the first adventure with the wizard.  That time, I ran into a bit of trouble when I got a barrier I could not pass… ever.  Saturday, I retried the adventure with the ranger, and did a bit better with it.

Note: This was last week's game

Note: This was last week’s game

Sunday was Star Wars X-Wing night.  It was my third time playing, and the first playing any of the Imperial squads I set up.  I played two different squads and lost with one, won with the other.  I still have two other squads to try out.  I’m not exactly sure how either of those squads (one Imperial, one rebel) will do.  Surprisingly, Darth Vader’s squad did not win this week.

Once at home, I tried my hand at Ascension.  This is a deck builder game where you are competing against an opponent (or solo) to accumulate points.  It is a cool game to check out for anyone who is looking to get into deck building games, or at least is curious about them.  The rules are pretty simple (buy cards that will help you, fight monsters), and the scoring is pretty straight forward.  Granted, I’ve been getting my butt kicked in the solo version, but I’m still enjoying it.

I also found out that I have been totally misplaying Arkham Horror.  Apparently I have been playing the rounds wrong, which would explain why I have a ton of portals in Arkham after only a couple of turns.

Learned on YouTube

Saturday Songs – December 28, 2013

We turn once more to a video by the band Amaranthe.

Memory Lane

5 Signs You Have Been Gaming Too Much

fluxx 1

fluxx 1 (Photo credit: JulkaG)

Games are fun.  Given the right game, they are a thrilling social adventure.  But, it is possible to take gaming too far.

Here are five signs that maybe you need to take a step back from the game.

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