Word Count – November 4th, 2013

Current Word Count: 13,528 words

nanowrimo - day 4 goal

nanowrimo – day 4 goal (Photo credit: paloetic)

I am beginning to learn more about my characters, things I did not plan on.  For one thing, one of the two brothers takes a lot of boxing classes and can handle himself in a brawl.  this may be useful later on.

My characters are also having flashbacks, remembering good times that they thought were long lost.

One of the brothers has developed a potential love interest.  Not the one I had intended, which means that both have a potential love interest.

The plan for tomorrow (or later today, whichever) is to introduce the last of the principles (the mayor of the town and his son) before really getting into the heart of the story, and the clues that need to be found.

Oh, and it looks like the death that started this story rolling may not have been a murder after all.  that could muck things up.

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