A Dilemma For A Casual Gamer

Deutsch: Spielstein

Deutsch: Spielstein (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would consider myself a casual gamer.  This is mostly because I just have never really had a big opportunity to participate in games.  Growing up, I lived in a neighborhood that did not have a lot of kids.  This meant that any games that I wanted to play, Monopoly, Checkers, even card games like Go Fish were usually with my parents (mostly my mom) or a special occasion.

This situation did not get much better as I grew up.

And, sadly, still persists to this day.  Now, my biggest issue is that most of the people I know are from work.  Nearly all of them do not share my enthusiasm to spend a couple of hours playing a board game, and certainly not the ones that I would want to play.

I have begun to look for other casual gamers through Meetup.com, but once again, work becomes an issue.  I work nights and have an odd work week, which means while many groups are meeting on Friday nights and Saturdays to have a little fun, I’m at work.  And when I’m off, they are at work.

It doesn’t help that thanks to TableTop on Youtube, I’ve seen how a lot of these games play and want to play them that much more.

Somehow I will have to work this out… after November, that’s National Novel Writing Month time.

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