5 Zombie Tales That Pass Muster

Night of the Living Dead screenshot -- a young...

Night of the Living Dead screenshot — a young zombie (Kyra Schon) and her victim (Karl Hardman). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have written how I feel about zombies in the past.  So many times,  I have seen zombie stories lose track of what is important, the people affected by the zombie outbreak.  In telling stories about the zombie horde, creators tend to allow character development to fall off, leaving the main (living) characters to become flat, almost like the zombies they are fighting against.  I’ve seen it happen with the recent World War Z movie, and with the multitude of Night of the Living Dead knock off tales that seem to gain more attention around this time of the year.

That is not to say that there are not a few good zombie stories.  You just have to find them, and that can sometimes take a little work.

  1. Battle of the Magicians (Lights Out) – Lights Out was a show from the golden age of radio geared towards horror stories.  Lights Out‘s tales tended to be imaginative and often gruesome.  The radio show actually would encourage squeamish individuals to turn off the radio when the show was on.  In this particular tale, two magicians face off against each other: one seeking financial gain, the other trying to stop him.  The zombies here are more like the traditional zombies rather than the Romero type.  Those curious about this story can hear it on Relicradio.com.
  2. Night of the Living Dead – Romero unleashed his ghoulish horde, trapping a number of people in an abandoned farmhouse.  Outside, the dead are almost secondary to the conflict between the people inside the house.
  3. World War Z (the book) – It is interesting that a book without a central character could possibly capture the most important part of the zombie apocalypse: the human reaction to it.  Truthfully speaking, some of the scariest moments in the book do not come from the dead, but from the living.
  4. The Walking Dead (the comics) – Writer Robert Kirkman manages to keep the focus of this long running comic (115 issues and running) focused on what is important to any story: the people.  People are familiar with the AMC series may want to check out the original material, especially since the series does deviate from the comics.
  5. In The Flesh (television) – The BBC managed to take the whole zombie concept and turn it on its ear.  In this three episode series (with a second series in the works), zombies are being treated for their condition.  Now, these PDS (partially deceased syndrome) sufferers are people returned to society, though some parts are not particularly accepting of this.  This series focuses not only on the people dealing with their situation, but with the zombies, returning as the loved ones once thought lost.

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