Review – Halloween (2007)

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With Halloween nearly upon us, it seemed a bit fitting that I should catch up on some of the horror DVDs that I have piled up and haven’t watched yet.  It seemed fitting I should do that, except that I went with the Rob Zombie remake of Halloween that I picked up on sale.

I do have to say that I didn’t think it was bad.  I didn’t think it was to the level of the original, but it wasn’t bad.

Rob Zombie’s version of the John Carpenter classic focuses much more on who Michael Myers is than the original does.  Carpenter’s Myers is a silent force of destructive nature, where Zombie’s Myers starts off as a troubled child from an extremely dysfunctional family.  It does not come as a shock that this version exhibits the symptoms of a deranged mind.  Unfortunately, this takes away a lot of the fearsome nature that the original movie creates.

Zombie also casts a number of genre veterans in his version, some (like Danielle Harris, who starred in Halloween 4 and Halloween 5) and Malcolm McDowell in larger roles, others, like Clint Howard and Udo Kier, in what amounts to near cameos.  There are so many cameos and bit parts that I started playing “Where Did I See Them Before?” rather than watching the movie, which works against the movie as a whole.

Zombie, thankfully, does not fall into the trap that Gus Van Sant did when he remade Psycho.  There are some scenes that are iconic enough to remain (the stalking of Laurie, “The Ghost”), but it is (thankfully) not a shot for shot remake.

If you have to watch a Halloween movie this season, watch the original.  But, if you have already done this and you are curious, this version is a decent movie to watch.

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