Review – In The Flesh

This weekend’s Halloween fare seems to have turned out to be a BBC weekend.  Last night I watched The Secret of Crickley Hall, and tonight, In The Flesh.



In The Flesh is the story of Kieren Walker, who is returning to his family after some time away.  Well, that is not exactly accurate.  You see, Kieren is a zombie, returned to some semblance of humanity thanks to drugs and therapy.  Kieren returns to his hometown which is not ready to received those that suffer from PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome), not that they were all to eager to have him around before.

Now, I’ve written about zombie stories before, and how I generally feel about them.  In The Flesh stands out as one of the better zombie stories because it remembers the most important part of zombie stories: the people.  In truth, the whole zombie nature of the story is secondary to how the people deal with facing the shocking reality around them.

The three-part series is loaded with symbols.  Kieren’s last name, Walker, does not appear to be an accident.  Kieren even meets a friend from his past life (as a ravenous murderous zombie) with the oh so fitting name of Dyer.  Even the name of the town, Roarton, feels symbolic when you consider that it sounds almost like “rotten” when spoken.

With zombies all over the media, it is refreshing to actually see one that focuses on the people rather than the horde, even when members of the horde are turned back into people.


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