Review – The Secret of Crickley Hall

With Halloween coming up, I thought I would indulge in a ghost story.  And with The Secret of Crickley Hall, I picked a good one.

The Secret of Crickley Hall is the story of the Caleigh family, Gabe and Eve, along with their daughters Loren and Callie.  The family is haunted by the disappearance of their only son, Cam, abducted in an instant when Eve drops her guard.  Gabe, in an effort to help his wife cope with the loss, takes a job in the country which brings the family to Crickley Hall.  Soon, the family realizes that there is more to Crickley Hall than they ever could have imagined.

The story, based on a novel my James Herbert, is a story about haunted people as well as the haunted Crickley Hall.  Eve and Gabe are haunted by their son, who Eve insists is still alive.  Arriving at Crickley Hall, this belief seems to grow only stronger as the ghosts of the past start to show themselves.  As Eve’s journey to learn about the house and, hopefully, where her son is, we also flashback to 1943 where Crickley Hall is an orphanage run by Augustus Cribben.

Told in three episodes, the story skillfully plays out with only the subtlest hint of the paranormal, enough to pull you in.  Even in switching back and forth between the present and 1943, it is subtle, but it is still apparent when you are.  A brighter look in one scene, more overgrowth in another.  Even in bouncing back and forth, viewers are given enough to piece together the story without giving everything away as it builds greater and greater to the third episode climax.

The acting, like so many BBC productions, is excellent.  Many genre veterans appear in the cast, from the great David Warner, to alumni from British shows like Doctor Who, Primeval, The Fades, even HBO’s Game of Thrones.  While it is tempting to play “What Did I See Them In?” the story will take precedence as you watch it unfold in two generations.


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