TV For The Holiday Season – Grimm

As we approach Halloween, we have checked out some movies (with more to come), and even some games.  But, what if you are in the mood for something from the television world.

Well, thanks to a large crop of spooky shows (and I don’t mean Keeping Up With The Kardashians), there is quite a bit to choose from.

This time, let’s take a look at the NBC series, Grimm.



Grimm is the story of Nick Burkhardt, a Portland detective whose live take a bit of a turn.  Nick has started to see some odd things.  People momentarily changing appearances to something much scarier.  Back into his life comes his Aunt Marie, who helped raise him and is currently dying of cancer.  She is barely in Portland when she is attacked outside Nick’s home and hospitalized.  Quickly, she ushers Nick into his new reality.  He is a Grimm, the latest in a long line of monster hunters.

The series continues as Nick, with the help of a Blutbad (think Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood) named Monroe, grows into his new role as a Grimm while still maintaining his life as a homicide detective.

The series is more than just the run of the mill “monster of the week” fare.  Nick is forced to juggle his personal life with Juliette, the woman he loves, along with the reality that there is more to his world than he had ever suspected.  And, often, it takes its toll on him, his friends, and his loved ones.  Larger story arcs and continuing mysteries run through the series, which helped to draw me into the series.

Grimm seasons one and two are currently available on DVD, with the new season set to debut October 25th.  Just in time for Halloween.  Grimm has also been adapted to comics by Dynamite Entertainment, though I would suggest viewing season one and a chunk of season two before reading it if you don’t want series spoilers.



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