Picks of the Week – October 2, 2013

October is upon us.  And, coming out of Villains’ Month in September, we could use a few new books to read.  Thank goodness it’s Wednesday.


Batman Black and White #2 (DC Comics) – Leading off the tales in this anthology is one pitting Batman against Man-Bat.  Plus, a tale presented like an old time silent movie.

Green Lantern #24 (DC Comics) – Relic has reached OA.  Can the Lanterns defeat him, or will the Green Lanterns fall like the Blue Lanterns?

Forever Evil #2 (DC Comics) – The new 52’s first major event continues as Luthor prepares to move, and the Teen Titans face off  against the syndicate.

Swamp Thing #24 (DC Comics) – It’s Swamp Thing against Seeder to see who will be the avatar for the Green.  The results may shock you.

Captain America Living Legend #1 (Marvel Comics) – Captain America front lines a new title, the story of which takes place in three eras.  What connection does a satellite problem have with an attack on a Nazi base in the 1940s?

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