World War Z – the Movie

Some of my regular readers may remember that I created two lists at the beginning of the summer.  The first list was the list of the movies that I really wanted to see.  The other was the list of the movies that I really did not care if I saw.

World War Z was on the second list, though it was there with some misgivings.  Now that I have seen it, I can say that it did indeed belong on that second list.

My biggest problem with the movie is that it does not follow the book at all.  I am a fan of Max Brooks’ novel, so much so that I have read it twice.  What I watched when I saw World War Z the movie was nothing like the book.  While the book is a terrifying look at the lives of many people who have lived through a global zombie epidemic, This movie comes off like most zombie movies.  There really is little focus on the characters beyond Brad Pitt’s Gerry Lane, and even his character feels a bit flat.

The sad part about this is that there is a lot of potential for a great movie if only they had tried to include some of what made the book so chilling.  Instead, we only get hints of what could have been, or scenes are altered to work for the more spectacular (but less fulfilling) action sequences.

Fans of the book will want to avoid this movie, especially since the only thing these two works have in common is the title.


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