More Thoughts on iOS7

Friday, I had a brief mention of iOS7.  Now that I’ve had a chance to check it out a little bit further, I had a few observations.

ios7First, I stand by my earlier statement about the appearance.  The new icons for iOS7 are just so plain.  They do look like they were created by someone’s 10 year old child designed them.  The old icons looked snappy.  These, well, they just look flat.


Old Stopwatch


New Stopwatch

Also, a lot of the cosmetic designed just seem to fall short for me.  Case in point, the change to the clock make them harder to read.  Sure, the stopwatch now does hundredths, but the thin font and small buttons are not easy to read.  I still prefer the older version.

commandcenterThe command center is an interesting addition to iOS7.  At the moment, I’m not entirely sure if I find this useful or just unneeded.  It is nice that there’s no need to download a separate flashlight app now, but I’m not sure if the clock, camera and calculator are really needed on this thing.  I never really had an issue with just tapping on the icons on the screen, especially since this seems to require more actions (swiping to get the screen, then touching the icon).  The more I use iOS7, I might grow to like it.  But now, I just find it redundant.

snoozingFinally, there is one thing in iOS7 that I just find ridiculous.  I, like other iPod/iPhone users, do use the clock as an alarm clock.  Now, like and alarm clock, there is the option to hit the snooze button.  I know this because I often use it in the morning.  After using iOS7 for such a purpose, I noticed that the message screen actually will display a timer on the snooze.

First, if you hit the snooze button, why would you care about how much time is left before the alarm goes off again?  And, if you do, you probably are awake enough to even use the snooze function on the iOS7 clock.

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