Picks of the Week – September 18, 2013

The chill of fall is starting to creep into the Northeast as we prepare to officially usher Autumn in on Sunday.  It’s a good thing we got a whole bunch of new comics to read this week.


Swamp Thing #23.1 (DC Comics) – This villains issue takes a look at Swamp Thing’s arch nemesis, the avatar of the rot, Anton Arcane.  This issue finds him in his own special Hell.  His only visitor is his daughter, Abigail, who wants to know one thing:  What happened to her mother?

Action Comics #23.3 (DC Comics) – Lex Luthor takes center stage in this prequel to Forever Evil #1.  And Luthor is every bit as ruthless here as he has been in the past.

Batman #23.3 (DC Comics) – The Penguin becomes the focus in this villains issue.  The Governor threatens the Iceberg Casino, Cobblepot’s castle of his kingdom.  And, it just so happens that the governor is a childhood friend of Oswald’s.

Wonder Woman #23.1 (DC Comics) – In the wake of the attack of Belle Reve in Forever Evil #1, The Cheetah is on the loose.  And it falls upon Marshal Mark Shaw to bring her in.  Can the Cheetah elude… a manhunter?

The Flash #23.3 (DC Comics) – This issue follows the Rogues in a prequel to Flash #23.1 (the Grodd issue).  With his sister injured and trapped in Central City, can Captain Cold rally the rest of the Rogues against Grodd and is gorilla army?  This issue also leads into the Forever Evil tie in series Rogues Rebellion.

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