5 Uses for Youtube.com

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It is the ultimate in time wasters.  Youtube.com has drained tons of minutes from a lot of people’s lives, my own includes.  But, let’s face it, it is not all in vain.  Youtube is actually serving a purpose.

1) Remembering Old Commercials

A while ago, back when I was trying to get a date, people would suggest that I should join eHarmony.com.  I would always answer that they rejected me.  They would find this surprising, not realizing that eHarmony does this.  I would nonchalauntly mention that not only does the dating site reject a lot of people, but another site actually made ads capitalizing on this.

Well, thanks to Youtube, I found those ads.

2) Reliving Our Childhood

Remember this one?

I do, and thanks to Youtube, I can relive it.

3) New Music

One of my favorite things to do on Youtube is to explore new music, usually based on bands that I currently listen to.  It is how I learned about Amaranthe.

4) Laugh Laugh Laugh

Sometimes you just need to laugh.

5) Discover Something New

Have you ever heard of the game Fluxx?  Or maybe the darkly entertaining Gloom?  I have, thanks to Wil Wheaton’s TableTop.  Thanks to Youtube, the media has splintered even further from the fractured mess that is digital cable, allowing for anyone with a camera (or a small production crew) to become a video star in a new field of narrowcasting.

I am not including any one clip with this one because, let’s face it, just about all of these are awesome.


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