Picks of the Week – September 11, 2013

We’re looking at another new week of comics, so let’s get right into it with this week’s picks.


Justice League #23.2 (DC Comics) – He is known as the baddest bastitch in the galaxy.  He is the last Czarnian, having killed off his entire race.  He has even faced off against Santa Claus.  But, could it be?  Is the Lobo we know… an imposter?  Meet the new 52 Lobo who is staking a brutal claim to the name.

Aquaman #23.1 (DC Comics) – Black Manta has waged a war against Aquaman ever since the king of the seven seas killed his father.  Now, where can he direct his rage now that Aquaman is seemingly dead?  the answer is quite shocking.

Batman #23.2 (DC Comics) – In the wake of the Crime Syndicate’s elimination of the Justice League, The Riddler makes a run for the Wayne Enterprises Tower.  Will he make it to the top, and what does he have planned.

Astro City #4 (DC Comics/Vertigo) – It has always seemed that when someone discovers they have powers, they immediately become either a hero or a villain.  But, what happens when those who discover they have super powers do not really want to be either?  In this issue, meet the sideliners.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 #25 (Dark Horse Comics) – Season 9 wraps up in spectacular fashion.  Does Buffy and her team restore magic to the world?  Can Buffy find a way of saving Dawn?  Or will the vampire/slayer Simone Doffler stop them?

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