5 RPGs I Wish I Had A Chance To Play

Growing up, I was captivated by role-playing games.  The very idea of slipping into another character in a different world was fascinating.  From my first introduction to Dungeons and Dragons, I began to explore the other RPGs that were out there, looking for new worlds to explore.

Alas, I lived in a neighborhood where there just were not a lot of kids my age, and even fewer wanted to play RPGs.  I barely had a chance to play D&D, let alone the other games out there that I wanted to try so badly.

Thus, here are five RPGs I wish I had the chance to play.

Courtesy: damianov.wordpress.com

Courtesy: damianov.wordpress.com

1) Star Frontiers

Star Frontiers, like Dungeons and Dragons, was a TSR product.  Star Frontiers was, obviously, a stellar based RPG, incorporating space battles with explorations of alien worlds.

Star Frontiers also departed from D&D in that it used a percentile system for its rolls.  For the uninitiated, this meant that a player would roll two 10 sided dice, with one die representing the tens digit, and the other the ones digit (a roll of 00 was treated as 100).  It has become a bit more common.

Star Frontiers itself fell by the wayside, with much of its content being reworked for the d20 system.  But, there is still a part of me that wishes I actually had a chance to play at least one traditional Star Frontiers campaign, if onto to see if it was really as cool as I thought it was.

2) Call of Cthulhu

This is one I explored when I got into high school and a bit in college.  The game setting was based on the H.P. Lovecraft stories.  This was an early 20th century based game where the players played investigators drawn into the strange and terrifying world of Elder Gods, deviant cults, and mad men who dared to seek out that which should never be known.

This is one game that gave me chills.  Reading through the rules was truly chilling.  This was especially so since there were rules for when your characters went insane.  Not if they went insane, when they went insane.  Still I wish I had a chance to try it out once, even if it meant whatever cool character I created would have ended up a gibbering mess when faced with the horrors that the game threatened to release.

Courtesy: bricksandbeams.ecrater.com

Courtesy: bricksandbeams.ecrater.com

3) Top Secret

Who has not watched a Bond movie and not wanted to be 007?  Well, back in the day, role players could indeed be the next super spy, thanks to TSR’s role-playing game, Top Secret.

I explored this RPG with the second edition, which expanded the rules to add in some details.  But it still remained a spy oriented RPG that used a percentile system similar to what Star Frontiers used.

This was another one of those games which I bought some of the rule books, but could never find anyone else who was playing it to try the game out.

Courtesy: scifi411.com

Courtesy: scifi411.com

4) Marvel Superheroes Role Playing Game

I have written about this one in the past, but it still bears mentioning here for the one simple reason in that I have never played this RPG.

I also have to state that when I talk about this game, I am talking about the original version of it, or the tweaked version that came out a little bit later.  Later versions used different rules that I never really particularly cared for, including the latest version that is just recently had been released.

The original version of this game actually is one of the few games that I had fun with even without playing a session.  This was based on the fact that it was possible to roll up a completely random character, leaving the player to figure out how to fit it all together.  I saw this as a challenge, and when I started creating characters for my own super hero universe, I used this system to create their powers and abilities.

5) Shadowrun

Shadowrun was the only RPG that I did not buy any rule books for.  But the concept of the game intrigued me.  The game had a near future setting with high-tech weapons and cybernetic implants.  Mixed in this world were fantasy elements like elves and wizards, creating a unique (at least at the time) game setting that I wanted to try out.  Sadly, like the other games on this list, I never got the opportunity to see how it played, or if I would even like it.

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