Friday Finds – Online Time Wasters

It’s Sunday night, and you have a big report due Monday morning.  Naturally, instead of working on it, you are online playing games.  You can admit it, we have all done it.  Even me… except for the report thing, thankfully I don’t have those.

Here are a few of the ways that I waste time when I’m online.

high5casinoHigh 5 Casino is a Facebook based slot game.  What sets this apart from a lot of the other slot games out there is that the slots featured here are actual slot machines that you can find at any casino (I have actually seen at least one of these games during my own casino misadventures).  Of course, you can play without actually risking any real money, which is the appeal for me.  You unlock new games through spins on the game’s main page, and you win these spins either by leveling on the slot machines you have access to already, or leveling up yourself, or by waiting until you get 3 free ones from the game.

thelaststandCapitalizing on the recent zombie craze, The Last Stand: Dead Zone takes a survivor slant on some of the other builder games.  You build your compound up for defense, resources and comfort.  you can send your people out on scavenger missions, gathering the resources you need to build what you want.  But be careful, zombies are everywhere, all ready to attack you.

Unlike some online games, you are not completely reliant on other players, though you can indeed reach out to other survivor groups out there.  It is also a game that really does not need a lot of hands on work, like Farmville and others.

citizengrimFinally, there is Citizen Grim, another zombie game (though I sometimes look at it as an Evil Dead/Army of Darkness type game).  Unlike The Last Stand, Citizen Grim is a bit more hands on.  You search buildings for resources and build areas to gather health, bullets, grenades and food.  All of these resources are needed for the missions you go on, advancing through levels and gaining experience and money, which you use to buy better weapons, defenses and even mercenaries to help you on your missions.



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  1. Patricia SandersBing

    I have been on here a long time and never had a bad remark but the last three days I cant get on and it is frustrating. Can you help?

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