Picks of the Week – September 4, 2013

The Labor Day weekend is over.  The kids are back to school.  And we are in a new month.  And, after last week’s Justice League #23, we are ready for a new week’s worth of comics.


Forever Evil #1 (DC Comics) – The first universal crossover since the start of the New 52 starts here.  Spinning out of the events of last week’s Justice League #23 (if you haven’t picked it up, you really have to), the villains of the world have been freed and gathered together by the Crime Syndicate.  And, these evil other-dimensional versions of the Justice League make a strong claim (with proof to back it up): the Justice League is dead.

Accompanying this mini series are a number of point issues focusing on the villains of the DC universe.  These issues have very snappy 3D covers to set them off from the rest of the books out there.  The only drawback to these covers is that there just won’t be a lot of them out there due to supply issues.

Of the books this week that tie into the Forever Evil story line, here are a few highlights.

Superman #23.1 (DC Comics) – Lex Luthor steps to the forefront as he attempts to create his own Superman from a sample of the Man of Steel’s blood.  The end result is… bizarre.

Justice League of America #7.1 (DC Comics) – This issue reveals the early years of DC villain (and sometime anti-hero) Deadshot, bringing new light onto how the master marksman became the man he is.

Flash #23.1 (DC Comics) – With Flash dead, Grodd moves into Central City.  Opposing him are the people of Central City, a few rogues who seek their share of Central City, and the apes of Gorilla City.

Batman Detective Comics #23.1 (DC Comics) – Poison Ivy stakes her claim of Gotham City as this issue looks into her past.

Batman and Robin #23.1 (DC Comics) – with the demise of Batman, Two Face has a dilemma: does he protect the city he once was the District Attorney for, or does he make it bleed.

Batman #23.1 (DC Comics) – For the first time, we take a look into the childhood of Batman’s arch nemesis: The Joker.  As is to be expected, it is dark and deeply disturbing, probably the most disturbing out of all the bat villains featured this week.

The Star Wars #1 (Dark Horse Comics) – George Lucas’s original draft for Star Wars comes to print thanks to Dark Horse Comics.  There are some names we recognize, though they do not resemble the character they become.  But, it is an interesting read, one that will have readers curious as to what could have been.

God is Dead #1 (Avatar Press) – In the near future, the world is faces with something that is as unbelievable as it is terrifying: the gods of myth have returned to Earth.

Codename: Action #1 (Dynamite) – Hot on the heels of their Masks mini-series, Dynamite comes out with Codename: Action.  Readers of this issue will see the set up for bringing the classic action figure Captain Action into the Dynamite fold.



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