5 DVDs I Still Need To Watch

DVD collection

DVD collection (Photo credit: nickstone333)

Unlike what seems like the rest of the world, I still buy DVDs.  Not Blu-Rays, actual, normal DVDs.  I don’t stream off Netflix, and really only use Hulu for recent shows.  I still like to actually watch movies on DVDs.

Of course, I have a tendency to pick up a lot of DVDs, usually the week they are released to get them on sale.  Which means I have a bit of a backlog of DVDs to watch.

Here are five recent acquisitions that I’m looking to watch soon.

  1. Now You See Me – The first of my five summer movies to hit DVD.  I loved this magic themed caper flick.
  2. Orphan Black Season One – The BBC’s clone drama.  The trailers looked cool, and I’ve heard a lot of cool things about the series.
  3. Doctor Who: The Mind Of Evil – A Third Doctor adventure.  I have a tendency to pick up a lot of the old series DVDs because, well, they are that cool.
  4. Superman Unbound – A DC animated movie.  Considering how good previous DC direct to DVD animated movies have been, this one should be a good one.
  5. John Wayne Westerns – Part of the turner Classic Movies Greatest Classic Films collection, this one has four of the Duke’s classics: The Cowboys, Fort Apache, Rio Bravo, and The Searchers.

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