5 Reasons Why I Hate Going To The Casino

A row of "Wheel of Fortune" slot mac...

For most people, going to a casino is a lot of fun.  You gamble a little, you eat some food, you gamble some more, you maybe go shopping, then gamble away what’s left of the money you brought along.

For most people.  Not for me.

These are the five reasons why I don’t like going to casinos.

  1. The Smoke – I really can’t talk about vices since I still eat red meat and junk food, though I can’t recall anyone coming down from clogged arteries from second-hand steak.  Still, smoking is one I really don’t like.  And since (at least in Connecticut) smoking is allowed in casinos, I always tend to leave with a headache and clothes that smell like an ash tray.  Sure there are non-smoking areas at the casinos.  But, I have found that there are not any good games in those sections, and there are some smokers out there who really don’t care about it being a non-smoking area.
  2. The Losing – I think everyone can attest that losing stinks.  And lately, I seem to have been on a losing streak, except with craps, which I don’t really fully understand even though I’ve played it twice at the casino.
  3. Lack of Fun – Most people go to the casino with some friends and generally have a good time.  Not me, I get to go with my parents.  It would not be too bad if I could break away and play something I like (like blackjack), or something I’m good at (like craps… apparently), but no.  I usually have to stay close and explain how to play the slot machine my mom is playing, even though I have no clue how to play the slot machine she is playing.  I love my parents, but it is just not fun watching them play the same slot machines over and over.
  4. Too Many Other People Having Fun – This just seems like the ultimate tease for me.  I watch other people with their friends having fun, socializing, going to the clubs, all while I get to sit there and try to explain that just because there are five paws on the slot machine, it isn’t a winner because they have to all be on the same pay line.
  5. I Stay Far Longer Than I Want To… Not By Choice – It probably would not be that bad… okay, no, it would still be that bad, but leaving at a decent time would not be a bad thing.  It is just too bad that I never get to leave at a decent time.

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