Top 5 Whose Line Games

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is not a complex show.  It’s 4 comedians and a host.  But Whose Line Is It Anyway? endures because it is simply hilarious… and cheap to produce.

Though various incarnations, from the original British series to the latest CW version, Whose Line Is It Anyway? Always cracks me up.  Well, almost always.  It seems I am not partial to the musical games.

Barring the rare all Irish Drinking Songs episode, the variations of the “games” keeps me in stitches.  And there are five in particular that I always crack me up.

1) Scenes from a hat

The premise is simple.  The audience contributes ideas which go into a hat.  These ideas are pulled out of the hat in rapis succession for the performers to act out.  Cracks me up every time.

2) World’s Worst…

In this one, the performers line up and are given the topic, for example, world’s worst doctor.  From there, the performers step forward one by one each with their own interpretation for the topic.  Quick one liners abound in this game.

3) Questions Only

Like the above mentioned games, the performers are given a topic with two performers starting out.  The only thing about it is that they can only speak in question.  I can’t decide what part is funnier, the questionable interactions, or when one of the performers gets stumped and has to step out.

4) Party Quirks

One performer starts off, with the other performers coming in as guests of the party.  Three of them have some strange quirk about them and the first has to guess what that quirk is.  A coworker of mine actually will cover the bottom of the screen so she does not see the quirk and try to guess what they are.

5) Superheroes

One performer starts, joined by the other in succession.  The first performer is given a strange superhero name and a mission to solve.  As each performer comes in, the previous will give him his superhero name which he has to act out.


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