Blog Update

I’m still contemplating new stuff to add to this blog.  At some point, I hope to bring back my old Friday Finds segments.  And I am working on a few ideas for the beginning of the week as well.  Thursdays will remain Picks of The Week for now, and I’ll still do Saturday Songs we well.

Speaking of Saturday Songs, those of you who may have browsed through my site recently may have noticed a new page under the POSTS menu item.  I have created an index page of all my Saturday Song choices to date (including the new that were on alternate days).  This should allow you to browse through my back posts for songs I featured as well as allow me to keep track of what I have already posted.  It should allow me to avoid repeats… like with Sunglasses at Night.

I might also do this for the Buffet series that I had been working on for a while, which would allow readers to view all of them in order.  That is in the works.

I am also toying with a poll type segment using the app Thumb.  This would mostly be about posting a question there and looking at the responses I get.  It is still in the works.

As always, input is a great thing.  If you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas (alliterative titles tend to stand out for me), I am more than happy to read and consider them.

Thank you


About chyrondave

Avid comic reader, amateur writer, music fan, and someone with opinions, lots of opinions.

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