Picks of the Week – August 14, 2013

Another week, and another Wednesday.  At least we have a new batch of comics to beat the summer duldrums.


Justice League of America #7 (DC Comics) – The Trinity War crossover continues as betrayals are revealed, and Pandora approaches the least likely person to help her open the box and save the world: Luthor.

Green Lantern Corps #23 (DC Comics) – Things look pretty grim. Due to another ring malfunction,  John Stewart and the recruits are in the clutches of the Khund, and Star Sapphire Fatality is captured by mysterious shape shifters.  Can things get any worse?  Oh yes, they can.

Batgirl #23 (DC Comics) – A new story arc begins as Batgirl deals with her new wanted situation.  Will it cost the lives of her friends as well as her freedom?

Astro City #3 (DC Comics/Vertigo) – In the last issue, Marella Cowper passed on a call to the Honor Guard that turned out to be severe.  Can she do anything to fix the situation?  Or are her days in the call center numbered?

Also this week, Marvel Comics Infinity #1 came out.  I had a hard time following what was going on with it.  But, I think that a lot of my confusion is due to my recent “Marvel implosion” where I dropped a number of Marvel titles in the wake of Marvel Now.  If you’re a Marvel fan and picked this up, fill me in on recent events so I know what exactly I was reading.


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