5 Movie/TV Vehicles I Want to Drive

We have all seen them.  That super cool, too good to be true vehicle on TV or the movies made you say, “Yeah, I want to drive that.”  The following is a list of the five that I still want to drive.

For the sake of clarification, I have limited this list to terrestrial vehicles.  I have left out planes (which still kind of freak me out) and space vehicles.  I may even create a list of favorite time vehicles as well.  Who knows?

Courtesy: blogs.riverfronttimes.com

Courtesy: blogs.riverfronttimes.com

1) “The Tumbler” (Batman movies)

Otherwise known as the Batmobile, the Tumbler first appeared in Batman Begins as a Wayne Enterprises prototype for the military.  One new paint job, and Batman has a new set of wheels.  Less of a Batmobile than a Bat-Tank, the Tumbler is capable of a number of astounding feats, and even includes an escape vehicle (the “Bat-Pod”).

This is the Batmobile I now imagine driving when I hear the soundtrack to any Batman movie… except the 1960s Batman, the less said about that show, the better.


Courtesy: jerrygarrett.wordpress.com

Courtesy: jerrygarrett.wordpress.com

2) James Bond’s Aston Martin

Let’s face it, among the coolest of Bond’s toys have always been the cars.  From the Submarine Lotus in The Spy Who Loves Me, to the remote controlled BMW in Tomorrow Never Dies, all of his vehicles have been tricked out by Q for just the right mission.

But, the best remembered has to be the Aston Martin from Goldfinger along with five other Bond flicks (including the most recent Bond adventure, Skyfall)  The Aston Martin had everything that a spy in the field could need.  There was a hidden tracking screen which allowed Bond to keep track of Goldfinger.  Other features of this wonder car are a revolving license plate, bullet proof shield, machine guns behind the headlights, and an ejector seat.  It is a vehicle that has become synominous with 007.

Courtesy: famous-cars.net

Courtesy: famous-cars.net

3) The Delorean (Back To The Future)

Doc Brown said it, if you are going to build a time machine into a car, you might as well do it with style.  The Delorean itself is a legendary car, not only for its distinctive gull wing doors, but for the back story of its namesake.

In the case of Back To The Future, the Delorean was simply the means of activating the time machine that Doc Brown built, since the vehicle needed to reach 88 miles per hour before the flux capacitor activated and sent it back in time.  Fueling this reaction has been the crux of the Back To The Future movies, with Plutonium and lightning providing the juice for time travel in the first movie, and a steam powered locomotive pushing the Delorean up to 88 MPH in the third.

4) The Cyclone (Robotech)

Fourth on the list is probably one of the coolest motorcycles that I have ever wanted to ride.  Robotech itself is a complicated history, both on screen and off (which I covered, in part, in my post about giant robots).  The cyclone was one of the featured vehicles in Robotech‘s third story arc, which had originally been called Genesis Climber MOSPEADA in Japan. 

The bike itself had the usual standard sci-fi weaponry.  But, the bike was capable of transforming, allowing the rider to wear it like a suit of power armor for combat missions.  The cyclone was also capable of folding up for storage and was part of the gear available for any downed pilot.  In the Robotech series, it is Scott Bernard who first uses the cyclone after crashing on Earth.

Courtesy: jaspasjourney.wordpress.com

Courtesy: jaspasjourney.wordpress.com

5) Imperial Speeder Bikes (Return of the Jedi)

One of the most memorable part of Return of the Jedi (besides Princess Leia in the gold bikini for boys just hitting puberty) was the Imperial speeder bikes.  When we first saw them on Endor, every kid wanted to ride one of those.  And for the longest time after that movie was released, every bicycle in the neighborhood was one.  The bikes had minimal weaponry (one forward facing laser cannon) and almost no armor.

We really did not care that they usually ended up crashing and blowing up.  We just wanted to zoom around through the forest, fighting the rebels in our super cool biker scout stormtrooper outfits, or fighting for the alliance on our appropriated Imperial speeders.

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