The Next 1,000 Posts

"Writing", 22 November 2008

“Writing”, 22 November 2008 (Photo credit: ed_needs_a_bicycle)


Now that I have reached 1,000 posts, what is in store for the next 1,000 posts?  Will we see more of the same?  Or will there he some tweaks to the blog?


Naturally, I have some ideas.



1) Fewer Posts


Naturally, there are a few posts that have become regular.  Picks of the Week will stay on Thursdays (barring something preventing a Wednesday comics delivery, like a holiday or inclement weather).  And Saturday Songs will stay as well because, well, I like the alliteration.  But, beyond that, most of this blog does not run on any particular schedule.  Posting less will allow me to post some better content.


2) More Regular Posts


There are a number of posts really could be scheduled better.  The Quote of the Day I post on occasion can become a Quote of the Week, posting on Sunday or Monday for the week ahead or the week behind.  Other posts, like my movie and book reviews, are really reliant on when I finish them.  But, I suppose that I could hold review publications for specific days.


3) New (and Revived) Posts


I can always add new post themes, and even revive some older ones.


  • Friday Finds – Looking at some of the things I have come across that I think are cool.  They could be anything, like a new trade paperback, a new game, a new app, or a new television show.  I used to do this, and I can always revive it again.
  • Pinup Special – This is, admittedly, a purely man mindset idea, but it was suggested a long time ago by another blogger when I was on Blogspot.  Naturally, I would try to keep it PG (or PG-13 at the most).  I know there are hashtags on Twitter and Instagram for Model Monday and Frisky Friday, so I could tie something into them… well, maybe not Fridays.
  • Writing Update – I used to do a weekly writing update.  it was not anything fancy, just a quick recap of what I was doing with my writing.  It fell by the wayside as my non-NaNoWriMo writing did.  Reviving this one would possibly force me to get my butt in gear with my writing.


So, what do you think?  Do you like these idea, or think they need more work?  Is there an idea that I did not post here?  Please respond here with your suggestions and comments.


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