5 Things About G.I. Joe Retaliation

Courtesy: joeltalksmovies.bangordailynews.com

Courtesy: joeltalksmovies.bangordailynews.com

Instead of a normal review, I figured I would do a top 5 list, mostly because I did not really think the movie merited a full review.  And that is coming from a G.I. Joe fan.

  1. It is a movie with problems – G.I. Joe Retaliation was originally supposed to be released last year.  Everything was in place for its release.  The commercials were on the air.  the toys were on the shelves.  And then it was pulled from release.  It ended up being released almost a year later (I watched it on DVD well after that, making  it almost a full year after it was supposed to be released).  Rumors explaining the reason for the pull were retweaking for 3D to building the relation between Duke and Roadblock.
  2. Characters are flat – If the reason for the pulled release was building the characters, then they failed.  All of the characters in this movie fall pretty flat.  They are simply action figures in an action movie.
  3. The Ninja Mountain Clash is pretty cool – The battle between Snake Eyes and Jinx on one side and the red ninjas on the other is pretty cool.
  4. The Coincidences of the first movie are not there – SPOILER ALERT: In the first movie, it is established that Duke and the Baroness were in love, and that the Baroness was the sister of the man who would eventually become Cobra Commander, who was good friends with Duke.  It was a little much to accept in the movie.  In this movie, there are a few coincidences, but they stem from the original comic story line.
  5. Didn’t he die? – Granted, the first G.I. Joe movie was not the most memorable.  But, I could have sworn that Storm Shadow died in that movie.  I believe he was stabbed in the heart by Snake Eyes.  Why is he walking around like nothing happened to him, and why doesn’t anyone actually address this?

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