Picks of the Week – July 31, 2013

On the last Wednesday of the month, and the last day of the month, we see a whole bunch of DC Annuals hitting the shelves.  What’s good to read?


Trinity of Sin: Pandora #2 (DC Comics) – After the events of Justice League #22, Pandora seeks another who could possibly open the skull box.  Is that person Vandal Savage?

Batman Incorporated #13 (DC Comics) – The Batman Incorporated story line wraps up in this issue.  Will Bruce Wayne face charges?  Will Batman prevail, or does Talia win the day?

Batman Annual #2 (DC Comics) – On his first night at Arkham, Eric Border meets the asylum’s oldest inmate, the mysterious Anchoress, along with its newest inmate, Batman.

Batman Detective Comics Annual #2 (DC Comics) – A new villain comes to Gotham, and Wrath has a plan for this mysterious female mimic.  Two back up stories accompany the main tale, all trying together.

FF #10 (Marvel Comics) – Matt Fraction, Michael Allred and Tom Breevoort guest star (yes, these are the creators of FF) as the FF try to build their shattered PR with a new zoo ride utilizing Pym Particles.  What could go wrong, right?  Plus, The kids of the Future Foundation meet Ahura’s uncle… Maximus the Mad.


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