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Saturday Songs – August 31, 2013

This week’s choice has nothing to do with Labor Day.  It is just a song that rocks.

This week’s pick if Veruca Salt and Volcano Girls.

Top 5 Whose Line Games

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is not a complex show.  It’s 4 comedians and a host.  But Whose Line Is It Anyway? endures because it is simply hilarious… and cheap to produce.

Though various incarnations, from the original British series to the latest CW version, Whose Line Is It Anyway? Always cracks me up.  Well, almost always.  It seems I am not partial to the musical games.

Barring the rare all Irish Drinking Songs episode, the variations of the “games” keeps me in stitches.  And there are five in particular that I always crack me up.

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Picks of the Week – August 28, 2013

The United States gets ready for the Labor Day holiday next week.  It’s a good thing that there are a lot of new comics out this week for the long weekend.


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5 American Series With British Origins

Kicking Television

Kicking Television (Photo credit: dhammza)

Everyone knows that NBC’s hit show The Office was based off a British show by the same name.  And fans of the CW are probably aware of the British origins of the upcoming Tomorrow People.  And, though the ending was different, ABC’s Life on Mars has its origins with the award winning BBC series.

But, here are a few American shows that you may not know have their origins on the other side of the pond.


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5 British Shows That Should Be Checked Out

There are some times when I find it strange that America seems so infatuated with all things British considering we fought so hard to break away from them.  That holds true for British television as well.  We bring it over here to watch, like Doctor Who and Sherlock.  Or we remake it, like we did The Office and Life On Mars.

Naturally, there are a tons of British shows that I think everyone should check out, even if it is only out of curiosity.  I obviously avoided the big ones, so you won’t see Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Monty Python’s Flying Circus on this list, though I think everyone should check them out.  I also left off shows that I have not seen, so Life On Mars won’t be on this list.

So, without further pomp and circumstance… the list.


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Quote of the Day – August 26, 2013

English: at the 'Pacifier' premiere in Munich ...

English: at the ‘Pacifier’ premiere in Munich April 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All you people are so scared of me. Most days I’d take that as a compliment. But it ain’t me you gotta worry about now.

Riddick (played by Vin Diesel)

Pitch Black

Quote of the Day – August 25, 2013

Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the most important piece of equipment you will ever own. This notebook has saved my skin more times than I care to remember. Do you use yours?

Nicholas Angel (played by Simon Pegg)

Hot Fuzz

Saturday Songs – August 24, 2013

I’m kind of surprised that I have yet to include one of my favorite bands.

I first heard Evanescence right around the time the Daredevil movie was coming out, which seemed appropriate because they did contribute two songs to the album.  It was so different to the morase that was Connecticut radio at the time, and I knew I had to hear more.

Today’s particular selection comes from their recent self titled album.

This album is available at your local music store,, and on iTunes.

Friday Finds

It is a bit ironic that one of my latest pieces of spam lauds me for knowing what I’m talking about.  I say ironic because at this point, I really have nothing to write about.  Absolutely nothing.  Zip, Zilch, Nada!

So, take a moment to browse through some of my old posts while I try to find something worth writing about.

If this keeps up, I might have to go to my fall back plan.

Picks of the Week – August 21, 2013

The summer is winding down, but the comic events are starting to pick up.  Here’s a few picks from this week’s pull.


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