Top 5 Productivity Killers

Work area

Work area (Photo credit: Mark)

It is Thursday night, and the big project is due the next day.  You are scrambling to finish it up well enough that you don’t fail and/or get fired.  All the while, you wonder how it could have gotten so bad.  How did a project that had three weeks to be completed fall on the late outs of the day before.

I know how.  You wasted way too much time elsewhere.  I know because I have been in that spot.

Here are my Top 5 Productivity Killers.

  1. Thumb – I’ve talked about thumb on here before, but it does bear repeating.  Thumb, either through the apps or through its website will suck you into a vortex of time-wasting.  This person needs help, I’ll make a suggestion.  That person is an idiot, I’ll put him in his place.  That girl is hot, I’ll let her know I’d smash her (I don’t make this stuff up, people really do that on there).  Before you know it, it is an hour later and you are checking responses to the three questions you posted on Thumb, all the while wishing you had not just professed your love for the cartoon Captain Planet.
  2. Youtube – Youtube is quite entertaining, but it will eat your time his Pac-Man with a tapeworm.  You watch one video, then follow it up with another.  You head over the one of your subscribed channels.  Pretty soon, it’s 4 am, and you have watched the entire second season of The Guild, three episodes of Tabletop, one full hour of newscasters saying “cock” instead of “cop” in news stories, and another 2 hours of clips from Who’s Line Is It Anyway? – both British and American versions.  None of this is an indictment of any of these shows (except maybe the newscaster one), but it will leave you wondering why the sun is rising before you have gotten to bed.
  3. Candy Crush Saga – I cannot even figure out how much productive time I’ve lost playing Candy Crush Saga.  It’s not like it’s a complex game, which is probably why I keep playing it.  But, on a good run, I can waste a good hour before all my lives are spent and I have to wait for a recharge.  And remember, there are people out there who actually play to let these lives back instantly.
  4. Any Chat Program – You don’t mean to do it.  Whether the plan is meant to be a quick text to your friend, or just checking to see if you got any message on Yahoo Messenger (yes, people still use that), it is never one quick message.  This is especially so with any chat program that adds a bit of randomness to making contacts.  You don’t mean to be rude, so you reply, then reply again, and again, and again until after a half an hour you have nothing in common with the person messaging you.
  5. Facebook – The end all and be all of productivity killers.  Like the others, it starts simple.  I’ll just check to see what’s going on, you say.  Pretty soon, you are replying to Mary Sue’s picture of her dog, replying to the message your old college buddy posted about his daughter’s first word, answering seventeen requests for stuff in Facebook games, and trying to figure out why you were tagged in a picture of a leg of mutton by one of your co-workers.  All the while, that project is collecting dust… at least until another of your co-workers sends you a direct message asking how the project’s going.

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