On Regularity

Regular readers of this blog can tell you that there are only two days which have a regular post.  The first is Picks of the Week, my comic choices which I post every Thursday (after all, I need time to make sure they are worth reading).  The other day is Saturday when I post a musical selection of my choosing.  That post can either be in-depth, drawing upon my memories and impressions of the song I picked, or a simple off the cuff pick.  There also was Creative Tuesday, which fell off when I started the National Novel Writing Month.

Beyond those, I have a number of posts which spread out throughout the week.  Quotes of the Day, Movie Reviews, Book Reviews, and Top 5 Lists, among other random posts.  But, as you can imagine, these posts have no specific set time for posting.  They will just show up on the other 5 days of the week.  And, as you undoubtedly have noticed, I post every day.

What I wonder is, should I try to stabilize some of these posts?  Should I bring back Creative Tuesdays?  Should Fridays become Top 5 Fridays?  Should I make a post called the Sunday Quotable?  Or should I keep up with the random posts on the other five days of the week?

Do you have any opinions about this?  I would like to hear what you think.  Just reply to this post.

Thank you.


About chyrondave

Avid comic reader, amateur writer, music fan, and someone with opinions, lots of opinions.

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