Top 5 Kaiju

Keeping with the general theme of this past week, it seemed only fitting that I should mention some of cool giant monsters that are out there.  For the purpose of simplicity, I’ll refer to all of the as Kaiju no matter where they are from originally.

MCDGODZ EC0521) Godzilla

No list would be complete without the king of monsters.  Featured in his own movie in 1954 (released in the US in 1956 with added scenes starring Raymond Burr), Godzilla has been one of the most enduring giant monsters to have plagued mankind.  He has been the star of 28 movies, comic books, cartoons, toys and even songs.  There are few people who would not recognize his roar when they heard it.



2) King Kong

Not the first of the giant monsters, but one of the earliest.  The 1933 movie has long become a classic of cinema.  Though be may not be the biggest of the giant monsters, he is definitely one of the most well-known.

In addition to the 1933 classic move, King Kong has been in two American remakes (the first spawned a sequel, though the less said the better about that), along with a few Japanese made movies, one pitting him against Godzilla.



3) Gorgo

The Japanese had Godzilla, the Americans had King Kong, and the British had Gorgo.  Released in 1961, Gorgo is a captured monster that is sold to the circus.  Soon it is discovered that Gorgo is not full-grown, and that his mother wants her son back.

4) The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

I have mentioned this monster before in my tribute to Ray Harryhausen.  But the Rhedosaurus that threatens New York with destruction, both from the physical destruction he brings, and for the plague that resides in his body, definitely belongs on a list of top giant monsters.  Like Godzilla, an atomic explosion awakens this monster, unleashing it upon the world.



5) Tyrannosaurus Rex

The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex has been featured in a number films throughout the years.  But, this giant monster from our past was probably best rendered in the 1993 movie Jurassic Park.  Based on the book my Michael Crichten, Jurassic Park had an impressive list of dinosaurs.  And while the velociraptors steal the show, it is the T. Rex that has the biggest, most suspenseful scene in the movie.




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