Top 5 Giant Robots

One of the coolest things for Sci-Fi fans is the giant robot.  Whether it is a sentient being like with the Transformers, or basically a 80 foot battle suit, Sci-Fi fans are drawn to them, in anime, in comics, in toys, and at the movies.

Here are my top five favorite giant robots.

1) Optimus Prime



The leader of the autobots and an all around bad ass giant robot.  Whether you are familiar with him from the Hasbro Transformers toys, or the comics (published by Marvel and later IDW), the cartoons, or even the Michael Bay movies, Optimus Prime has always been impressive, even in his vehicle form, a tractor-trailer.

Part of what has made Prime so cool in the cartoons and movies has been his voice, provided by voice actor Peter Cullen.  It is deep, rich, and completely conveys the idea that Optimus Prime can be your wisest and most powerful ally, or your worst nightmare.

2) Voltron

Voltron comes in a cool because he is not only a fearsome giant robot, but he is composed of five equally fearsome

Courtesy: The

Courtesy: The

giant robot lions.  Though Voltron finds its origins from the Japanese anime Beast King GoLion, most Americans will know him from the redubbed version that ran in syndication in the 1980s.  Voltron has been so enduring that it has seen several American revivals and a few comic book series as well.  There is even a proposed crossover in the works with another anime series, Robotech, in the works.

3) The Veritech VF Series



Like Voltron, Robotech is a cartoon series that was based on a Japanese anime… sort of.  In truth, the show’s producers, Harmony Gold, took three separate anime series and managed to weave them into one coherent series.  The end result is that the series played out over three “generations.”  Most fans of the show remember the first generation the most, which was based on the anime series Super Dimension Fortress Macross.  Even more so, most fans will identify with the Veritechs as the robots of the series.

The Veritechs were multiform robots, like the transformers.  Controlled by their pilots, they could function as jets, full-out robots, or a hybrid of the two.

I personally remember Robotech as one of the first series on American television for children that did not sugar coat death.  Yes, the Veritechs looked cool, but this was war, and it was not pretty.  Characters died, beloved characters, often tragically.  In that regard, I remember the series more fondly than some of the other anime redubbed series that were around at that time.

4) Shogun Warriors

The Shogun Warriors are a trip down memory lane for me.  Licensed my Mattel, they were based off a number of Japanese anime giant robots.



  And they were giant.  Each one stood about 2 feet tall, often with firing missiles and fists to fight off the enemy.  And that enemy would be the king of all monsters, Godzilla.  yes, even he had his own Shogun Warrior style figure, complete with firing fist (which were quite common among the toy line) and “flame tongue.”  Godzilla would soon be joined by Rodan, which I remember my parents talking about prior to Christmas.  The story was that the Rodan figure was extremely difficult to put together with its intricate use of rubber hands to make the wings flap and the claws snap shut.  Of course, no one told that to me as I quickly assembled it that Christmas morning.  Rodan, Godzilla and one called Daimos were the only ones of the toy line that I owned in their full two foot glory.

5) Gipsy Danger



A recent addition to the list, and one that is quite worthy of being added here.  Gipsy Danger is the principle Jaeger of the movie Pacific Rim.  The story is that the Jaegers were created after a rift at the bottom of the pacific Ocean started to release giant monsters, or Kaiju, into the world.  The movie tells of the last-ditch effort by the Jaeger program to end the Kaiju problem once and for all.

Gipsy Danger does not change form like some of the entries here, or come from combining other robots.  But the Jaeger is definitely the descendant of many of the giant robots that have populated Sci-Fi, powerful machine bristling with weaponry to take out some of the most powerful creatures that man has ever known.


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