Picks of the Week – July 10, 2013

This was a big week for good books, so let’s just get right into it.


Batgirl #22 (DC Comics) – Everyone is still dealing with the seeming murder of James Gordon Jr. by Batgirl.  As her father tries to prepare Barbara for whatever Gotham may hold, she makes a fateful decision.  Also, Gordon and Batman have… words about Batgirl.  This is definitely one of the stand out issues of the week.

Green Lantern Corps #22 (DC Comics) – John Stewart returns to Oa to find a lot of changes.  Hal Jordan leads the Corps, and Guy Gardner has left.  Things get bad to worse when the rings malfunction on a rescue mission, leaving Stewart and a team of trainees to face the planet’s new protectors, the Khund.

Suicide Squad #22 (DC Comics) – It’s a mission in Vegas as the squad is sent up against The Mother, and the gigantic menace she unleashes on the strip.

Justice League #22 (DC Comics) – Trinity War begins in this issue, and its going to be big.  Following the events of last issue, Billy Batson makes a fateful decision: the ashes of Black Adam should be returned to his homeland.  All the players are set out by Justice League Dark‘s Madame Xanadu, but what of the Justice League of America’s first adversary, the Secret Society?  This issue builds to an explosive ending.

Astro City #2 (DC Comics/Vertigo) – The Honor Guard is the premier super team of Astro City – and the world.  They are assisted by a number of individuals who answer the calls for them.  This is their story.

Dawn: The Swordmaster’s Daughter & Other Stories (Image Comics) – Joseph Gordon Linsner’s Dawn returns after a long hiatus in this collection of three stories leading up to next year’s new Dawn series.

Ghosted #1 (Image Comics) – Jackson Winters has been broken out of prison for one very specific reason.  Supernatural collector Marcus Schrecken wants something for his collection, and he thinks Winters can get it for him.  But can Winters and his assembled team really capture a ghost?




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