Movie Review – The Lone Ranger



The Lone Ranger is the third of the five movies that I planned on seeing this summer.  Unfortunately, it is the first of the three that I can say is a disappointment… sort of.


The Lone Ranger is pretty much an origin movie, telling how the Lone Ranger became, well, the Lone Ranger.  The movie sets itself up in 1933, with a young child checking out a wild west exhibit at a local carnival.  There he meets an aged Tonto, who proceeds to tell the young man the story of the Lone Ranger.  From this interesting framework, we leap back into yesteryear.

One of the biggest problems of this movie is the main star, Johnny Depp.  Once more, Depp plays a quirky character in Tonto.  Unfortunately, there are times when Tonto comes across as too quirky.  And, unfortunately, it comes across less like Jack Sparrow and more like Jar Jar Binks (not played by Depp, but equally scene stealing).  It is obvious that Depp is the star of the movie, even more so than Armie Hammer, who actually played the title character.  Some of this may be because of the nature of the narrative framework, with Tonto giving himself a larger role in the story than he might have actually had.  More than likely it is because Depp is the biggest star, and an executive producer.

This leads to another issue about the movie.  This version of the Lone Ranger plays more like bumbling fool than a hero in the making.  What comes across is less the hero audience expects, but an idiot who could not be anywhere close the hero he should be without the help of Tonto and Silver.

Yes, in this version, Silver is not just the masked man’s faithful steed, but a semi-mystical horse who at times seems to be more heroic than the Lone Ranger, and tries to out quirk Depp (there are times it seems to be a tie).

That it not to say that this movie is all bad.  The climax of the movie is a breathtaking stunt show where we see the hero we wanted in the Lone Ranger for the whole movie.  Sadly, by the time we reach the final third of the movie, we have had to sit through the first two thirds, much of which drags.  There are some action sequences in the first two parts, but they are few and far between, and interlaced with far too much of what is supposed to pass as comedy.

I would not say that The Lone Ranger is horrible.  But, if you are really interested in seeing this movie, I might want to wait until it hits Netflix rather than pay the theater price.

One last thing, but this is something that really bugged me, more than anything else.  I preface this by saying that I used to build graphics at a local television station before I moved into directing.  Because of this, I still tend to get bugged by bad graphics decisions.  In this case, the people in the know for this movie decided to stay with the standard white text for the end credits.  Unfortunately, they put them over a bright image of a Western landscape.  The end result is that the end credits are extremely difficult to read, if not impossible, lost in the landscape.


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