Picks of the Week, July 3, 2013

Summer is in full swing as the United States gets ready to celebrate the Fourth of July.  Thankfully there are a number of new comic books out there that will provide a preview of the holiday fireworks show.


Green Lantern #22 (DC Comics) – Hal Jordan and the Corps faces off against Larfreeze, who is hell-bent on acquiring the new Lantern recruits.  But, are there hints of a greater threat wearing a power ring waiting in the wings?

Batman Detective Comics #22 (DC Comics) – There is a new player in Gotham, someone who does not sit well with Bruce Wayne.  But what is his connection, if any, to a brutal villain setting his sights on Gotham’s finest?

Earth 2 #14 (DC Comics) – War has been declared as Green Lantern, Doctor Fate and the Flash attack the country of Dherain, ruled by the dreaded Steppenwolf.  Will they prevail, or will they buckle under the power of Steppenwolf’s secret weapons?

Pandora #1 (DC Comics) – Leading into the Trinity War crossover, the mysterious woman who has been seen in all the first New 52 books gets her own title.  Will her mission in life bring her into conflict with the entire DC Universe?

Phantom Stranger #10 (DC Comics) – The Phantom Stranger journeys to Heaven to rescue his family.  But what happens when he discovers he can only return one soul to Earth?  The New 52 version of Zauriel debuts in this issue.

Catalyst Comix #1 (Dark Horse Comics) – In the late 1990s, Dark Horse introduced Comics’ Greatest World, a superhero imprint.  While the original titles have long since been cancelled, the characters have seen a resurgence with both Ghost and X getting their own series.  Catalyst Comix turns its focus on the characters of Golden City, one of the four focal points of the original imprint.  The book is an anthology of three stories exploring the more of the high-powered heroes of the imprint.

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