5 Movies For the Fourth of July

English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July

English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the country gets ready to celebrate the birth of our country, we begin to set up our plans.  Cook outs, fireworks, beaches and boating, all forms of fun.

But what happens when the fun gets rained out.

Here are five suggestions for to watch when the Fourth of July gets a little rainy.

  1. Independence Day –  This one seems obvious, but it is still a fun summer movie that is perfect for Independence Day.  Aliens come to Earth just in time for America’s birthday.
  2. The Patriot – Set in the early days of our country, The Patriot stars Mel Gibson (before he went a little nuts) as a Southern plantation owner who gets pulled into the Revolution when one of his sons is killed by the British.
  3. 1776 – This movie shows the days leading up to the Fourth of July as the Continental Congress meets to discuss seceded from the British Empire.  Oh, did I mention that it’s a musical.  Yeah, this movie is based on a Broadway musical.  If that isn’t enough, how about this, William Daniels (the voice of KITT on Knight Rider) plays John Adams… and sings!
  4. Captain America: The First Avenger – How can you get any more patriotic than this Marvel character.  Part of Marvel’s films leading to The Avengers, this movie follows Cap’s origins and adventures during World War 2.
  5. Die Hard With A Vengeance – Not specifically an Independence Day movie (if you want that, watch Live Free or Die Hard), this is still a summer movie and one of the better Die Hard movies since it realizes it does not have to duplicate the Die Hard formula precisely.  This is a roller coaster ride that will keep you riveted to the edge of your seats.

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