Picks of the Week – June 26, 2013

We are in our first full week of summer.  It seems like the perfect time to gather our new comics and find an air conditioner, or at least a fan to keep cool.


Larfreeze #1 (DC Comics) – Spinning out of the Green Lantern books and Threshold, Larfreeze the Orange Lantern gets his own solo series.  Admittedly, Larfreeze seems like the last character that I would imagine get his own book.  But, there is a decent mix of humor and sci-fi action as Larfreeze relates his origin… sort of.

Justice League of America #5 (DC Comics) – The league’s first mission against the Secret Society wraps, but will the team survive their first mission?

Flash #21 (DC Comics) – With someone killing speedsters, the Flash goes after Kid Flash, and we see a hint of what may be the world that Kid Flash comes from.  This Flash/Kid Flash relationship is certainly NOT the same as in the old DC Universe.

Justice League #21 (DC Comics) – The League steps aside as the new 52 Shazam’s origin wraps up.  In this issue, it’s Shazam against Black Adam and the spirits of the seven deadly sins.  Thankfully, Billy has some help to deal with both.

All-Star Western #21 (DC Comics) – Things don’t go as planned with Jonah Hex’s adventure with Booster Gold as the bounty hunter finds himself fighting… the new Batwing???

Batman The Dark Knight #21 (DC Comics) – Had Batman lost it?  Will the Mad Hatter be able to survive the wrath of the Dark Knight?

FF #8 (Marvel Comics) – The FF meets with the Inhumans, and She-Hulk and Medusa have a major disagreement.  There is a neat Easter egg for those of us who remember The Thing cartoon.  And for those of you who don’t, yes, there was a Thing solo cartoon.

Lazarus #1 (Image Comics) – In a future time, the power of the world is held by rich families.  In their employ are enforcers called Lazarus.  This is the story of one of those enforcers and the world she lives in.



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