Picks of the Week – June 20, 2013

Summer is right around the corner.  And, last weekend, we had the premiere of one of the big summer movies.  Naturally, it is the comic related Man of Steel.  It seems only fitting that we should look at some of the new titles that came out this week.


Batman and Batgirl #21 (DC Comics) – The revolving line up for the formerly titled Batman and Robin continues as Batgirl steps in to try to deal with the increasingly erratic Batman.  But, can she help the Dark Knight when she is dealing with her own issues, namely the fact that she may have killed her own brother.

Wonder Woman #21 (DC Comics) – It’s Wonder Woman and her motley crew against the First One.  Can they take down a God, or will they have to find refuge amongst a planet of gods?  Hint: Orion ties into all of this.

X-Files Season 10 #1 (IDW) – Mulder and Scully have returned.  This new series picks up after the series finale (though, it would seem, before the last movie), with Mulder and Scully in hiding.  But, someone very powerful has found out where they are.  If you are a devoted X-Files fan, this series is for your.  If you are a casual fan (like me) you may have to do a little homework to make sense of it.


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