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In his book Superman The Unauthorized Biography, Glen Weldon refers to Superman as, “… the hero in whom we believe.  He is the first, the purest, the ideal.”  And while Man of Steel is not the first (except maybe the first in a new string of Superman movies) it is as close to an ideal presentation of Superman on the big screen that we have yet to see.

Naturally, with most reboots, we are forced to revisit the origins of the character.  In this, director Zack (300, Watchmen) Snyder and screenwriter David S. (Batman Begins) Goyer create a Krypton that is vastly alien to Earth, yet integral to the Man of Steel story beyond being where Superman comes from.  It is not spoiler that Krypton is a doomed world, though the reason becomes one that the audience can relate to.  And, as Jor-El argues with the council about how to save the people of this doomed world, others, namely General Zod, have other ideas.  Through all of this, Jor-El is able to save his son, sending with him the key that will possibly prove to be the means of continuing the legacy of Krypton’s people.

The movie at this point becomes Kal-El/Clark Kent’s journey to what he will eventually become.  He is a drift in the world, not sure of who or what he is.  Unlike other versions of Superman’s origin, flashbacks clue us into his childhood, showing us how his Earth family helped and guided him along his path.  Henry Cavill does an excellent job portraying Clark, unsure of himself and what he can do as much as he is unsure of his place in this world.  This is not the perfect Superman we have seen in the past, but one that bears all the human traits that makes him that much more relatable to the audience.  One thing still remains true about Superman in this movie: he will do what he thinks is right.

The other big change in this movie is how Lois Lane is presented.  She is still the ever eager reporter, but she lacks the, well, for lack of a better term, blindness that we have seen in past Loises.  For me, I liked seeing Lois put the pieces together for the story of a lifetime, then knowing when to pull back.  Yes, there are still a number of the typical Superman saves Lois scenes in the movie, but she is less the damsel in distress than in previous movies.

The movie as a whole is epic, from the destruction of Krypton, to the battles between Superman and Zod’s minions.  Yet, there is much of this movie that still brings it all into a smaller world that works very well for this movie.  Though this is not a flawless movie, it still is the best Superman movie that has ever been made.


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  1. Great review, Dave. I strongly agree with that last line.

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