Picks of the Week – June 12, 2013

Before I get into this week’s picks, I just wanted to take a moment to ask everyone a quick favor.

Don’t be that guy.

What do I mean?  This is what I mean.

I will admit, digital comics are convenient, especially for people who just want to read the comics and do not want to collect them.  All that is fine and good.

Today when I was picking up my books at my local comic shop, I heard about this guy.  He was a digital comic reader.  His sole intention of visiting the local comic shop was to read through the new books this week to decide which he wanted to digitally download.  He had no intention to buy anything.  He just wanted to use the comic shop as a library to find out what was worth buying digitally.


That said, now onto the picks of this week.


Superman Unchained #1 (DC Comics) – Just in time for Man of Steel, Scott Snyder and Jim Lee debut the newest Superman title. Superman races to save a satellite and its crew from certain destruction.  But, is there more to this satellite than meets the eye?  This issue also features a prologue that suggests that there was more to the Nagasaki atomic bomb than meets the eye.

Wolverine and the X-Men #31 (Marvel Comics) – Had Quentin Quire and the students of the Jean Grey Academy turned their backs on their school?  Or, do they have an ulterior motive for joining the Hellfire Academy?

Doomsday.1 #2 (IDW) – The former astronauts travel across the country trying to find if there is any life left on Earth.  But, what happens when they find it?

X #2 (Dark Horse Comics) – Leigh Ferguson finds herself helping the infamous X Killer, becoming increasing intrigued by the mysterious vigilante.  But, will she live to regret reaching out to him?



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