5 Women For The Next Doctor

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Doctor Who fans know, Matt Smith is leaving with the Christmas Special.  This has led to an extreme amount of speculation as to who will be the next Doctor.  It has also led to speculation that this time around, we might actually see a female Doctor.

I have to admit, the idea of the Doctor gender swapping in a regeneration is one that had not occurred to be watching the classic series.   I don’t think that it is an issue of chauvinism, just the confusion that would come from the Doctor becoming Susan’s grandmother when he was originally her grandfather.  But, the potential for such an occurance has been mentioned.

Naturally, I do have my own thoughts on who should be considered if the producers decide to go this route, some of which have already been bandied about.  I will say right now I am not considering any past companions returning as the Doctor, as one site suggested with Billie Piper.  I am also leaving out Jenna Louise Coleman, the Doctor’s current companion, as an option, though I can theoretically see how that could happen.

  1. Lara Pulver – Who fans who also watch Sherlock will recognize her as Irene Adler, the woman who vexed Sherlock so.  Having played a character as much of an enigma as the Doctor, she would be perfect as his/her 12th incarnation.
  2. Felicia Day – Best known for the web series The Guild, as well as guest appearances on Eureka and Supernatural, Felicia Day would represent a number of firsts if she were to be cast: The first American, the first woman, and the first red-head.
  3. Sophia Myles – Even though she had appeared in Doctor Who as Reinette in the classic The Girl In The Fireplace episode, her performance was so strong that I could see the actress returning as the Doctor.  I can even see how it could be explained, since Reinette left such a strong impression on the Doctor by the end of the episode.
  4. Josie Lawrence – Probably best known by Americans for her appearances on the British improv comedy show Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, Lawrence has been in a number of comedies and dramas, showing she would be capable of playing the Doctor in any situation.
  5. Michelle Fairley – Given her powerful performance as Catelyn Stark in the HBO series Game of Thrones, Michelle Fairley would be a stellar choice to play the Doctor, possibly even making people forget that she would be the first woman to play the time traveler.

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