5 Long Shot Scenarios for the 12th Doctor

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I mentioned before, Matt Smith announced that he will not be returning as the Doctor after the Doctor Who Christmas Special.  Already everyone is speculating who will replace Smith as the Doctor.  I would not be surprised if there were even Vegas odds on it.  Even I posted a few ideas who I think could possibly move in to the role of the Doctor.

With all of that, there are a few suggestions that have left me wondering if they were just suggesting a long shot, or if one of these long shot ideas could possibly be the one.


  1. Jenna Louise Coleman – The Doctor’s most recent companion, and the impossible girl.  The odd thing about this long shot is that I can actually see how this could happen if the last episode hinted to things that way.  With Clara’s dive into the Doctor’s life, she has encountered every Doctor… seemingly so.  She mentioned that there was one she had not encountered, that being the Doctor played by John Hurt.  But, even factoring in that we are not sure which Doctor he could be (the 12th, the 13th and last, or even a lost Doctor), we still did not see the thirteenth Doctor (assuming that the Doctor is still limited to 12 regenerations for 13 bodies).  Could it be that Clara’s ultimate act to save the Doctor is to become the Doctor herself?
  2. A Past Companion – I saw one site through this out as a possibility with Billie Piper coming back as the Doctor.  I consider this an extreme long shot in that given the nature of how the Doctor sees his companions, it would seem less likely to he would regenerate as one of them, even as some cruel joke of fate.  It even seems less likely that he would regenerate as one of his companions from the classic series.
  3. A Retro Regeneration – Another suggestion from another site, this one suggesting that it might be possible for David Tennant to become the next regeneration.  I consider this an extreme long shot in that it seems less likely that the Doctor would regenerate as himself, even if he has some choice in the matter (suggested by Romana’s decision to regenerate herself).  The biggest problem I see with this happening is that there would be confusion as to who the Doctor is.  Is he a completely new Doctor who happens to look like his old self?  Or is he the old self returned.
  4. Past Guest Returned – This is not as much of a long shot in concept.  Certainly, die-hard Who fans will remember that Colin Baker had been a guest actor on the old series before stepping into the shoes of the Doctor himself.  What makes this a long shot is who may possibly be considered.  Anthony Stewart Head would make an excellent Doctor, but would viewers accept him after his turn as villainous Mr. Finch in the second series episode “School Reunion.”  Or will the audience accept David Morrissey as the next Doctor after the fake out that was the Christmas special, “The Next Doctor?”
  5. Dogtor Who – You have to admit, no one would ever see it.  Matt Smith starts his regeneration, and what we end up with is… an anamorphic talking dog.  The extreme long shot would be for the producers to regenerate the Doctor into something completely unaccepted, like a humanoid talking dog, or a cartoon.  I think if this were to happen, we can officially say that Doctor Who jumped the shark.

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