5 Actors To Be The Next Doctor

Eleventh Doctor, Doctor Who, as portrayed by a...

As noted in an earlier post, Matt Smith has announced that he will be moving on from his role as the Doctor in the BBC series Doctor Who.  Naturally, the speculation will begin as to who will replace Smith, just as it did with David Tennant announced he was leaving the role a few years before.

Thus, here are a few suggestions I have for the next Doctor.


  1. John Hurt – This is a bit of a cheat, since at the end of the last season, Hurt was introduced as The Doctor.  Rumors are flying fast and furious as to which Doctor he is.  Is he the next Doctor?  Is he the last Doctor?  Or, is he a lost Doctor, which would throw off everything we knew about The Doctor?  It may be interesting to see the next Doctor walk on the dark side.
  2. Idris Elba – Best known to American as Heimdall from the Thor movies, Elba’s name was bandied about as Tennant’s replacement.
  3. Rupert Grint – When the Doctor regenerated as David Tennant, he lamented that he really wanted to be ginger.  Who better to play the next Doctor than a veteran of the Harry Potter movies, giving the Doctor his wish of being ginger.
  4. Patrick Stewart – This is a major long shot.  But, if the producers of Doctor Who decide to go older for the next Doctor, who better to be the next Doctor than a Shakespearean actor who has brought like to a starship captain AND Professor Xavier?
  5. Hugh Laurie – Another long shot for casting, but this would also be a great get for Doctor Who.  Laurie has proven himself capable of handling drama with his portrayal of Gregory House on the Fox series, and has a background in comedy.  The fact that Laurie is well known in the United States because of House, M.D. may help bring in new viewers to the series.

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  1. Thanks for the link share :)

  2. good list, I guess great minds think alike, I thought about putting Rupert Grint on my list as well but then hestated in fear that Ron Weasley would be the Doctor. I haven’t seen him do anything else so I really don’t know his acting rage. my list is over here

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