Picks of the Week – May 29, 2013

How many of you out there remember when a holiday like Memorial Day would throw off comic deliveries.  Thankfully, we still get out new books on Wednesdays, even during holidays.


Batman: The Dark Knight Annual #1 (DC Comics) – In an unusual story, this annual focuses on three of Batman’s villains, the Penguin, the Mad Hatter, and the Scarecrow.  Each find themselves at the Arkham Detention Facility for Youth, seemingly summoned by the others.  What follows is an interesting exploration of their fears, of the facility that has been a part of their past, and of the Dark Knight himself.

X-Men #1 (Marvel Comics) – The much hyped all female X-Men team debuts this issue as Jubilee makes her way back to the school with a baby in tow.  But, what is the mysterious origin of the child, and why does X-Men villain John Sublime want with the child?

Savage Wolverine #5 (Marvel Comics) – Wolverine’s Savage Land adventure wraps up at the Hulk comes on the scene.  This issue sets up events that will come into play into the future.

Doctor Who: Prisoners in Time #5 (IDW) – The Fifth Doctor takes center stage as we start to learn more about who has been kidnapping the Doctor’s companions.  Can the Doctor save Adric, Nyssa and Teagan before they are kidnapped as well?


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