Concerts I Have Seen

Let’s take a little musical journey, one that’s a little bit personal.  Granted, I might not remember every concert I’ve seen, but I have been to a few.  So, lets start with the earliest one I remember

1) Weird Al Yankovic –  Stupid Tour

For those who don’t remember which album Dare To Be Stupid was for Weird Al, it was the one with Like A Surgeon on it.  The Stupid Tour came to the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford that summer, a performance that was in the round (which is how Oakdale was at the time).  I remember it because Al’s opening act complained that the rotating stage was making him sick.

2) Dennis Miller, Kevin Nealon and Dana Carvey

Again at Oakdale, these three performers at the height of their Saturday Night Live success came together for a benefit concert for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers).  Carvey was the best of the three, though Dennis Miller was very funny.  Nealon mostly just did a lot of the stuff he did on SNL.  Believe me, Subliminal Man does not work live.  I also remember my mom booing Dennis Miller for cracks made against Avon and Century 21.

3) Howie Mandel – Horray For Howie Would

Again at the Oakdale, though Mandel’s show was truly a theater in the round experience.  Like most comedians, Mandel had set bits he did in performance.  But, he would also draw in the audience, making up jokes based off answers they gave.  In this one show, one member was a car salesman for Infiniti, which had bucked the car commercial trend by making a commercial that never showed the car, dubbing it the car you can’t see.  Howie, naturally had a field day with that, even making a reference to it in his Bobby bit.

4) ZZ Top – Recycler Tour

This was probably my first real concert.  I saw ZZ Top in the Carrier Dome at Syracuse my freshman year in Upstate New York.  It was a great show, with laser shows (the dome is perfect for that) and, naturally, all the classics, including Sharp Dressed Man.  Naturally, I needed a souvenir for this show, and I got one: a ZZ Top key chain like the one featured in many of their videos.

5) Queensryche – Building Empires Tour

I have written about this concert before in my Saturday songs, mostly because this was the ultimate in concert experiences.  I had one front row tickets, a chance to meet the band, and a trip to London.  And I got to see Operation: Mindcrime performed in its entirety.

6) Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins is known for being a member of  Black Flag and The Rollins Band.  This, however, was a spoken word performance, again up in Syracuse.  This was memorable not for the show, but for everything leading up to the show.  A bunch of my friends had arrived at the theater early to make sure we would get good seats.  We, and everyone waiting for Rollins, were asked to wait outside since the theater was also booked by another student group.  Unfortunately for us, this particular student group was known for going long, and we waited outside in the frigid Syracuse winter.

7) Queensryche – Promised Land Tour

I should have expected this to happen.  My second Queensryche concert was nowhere near as memorable as the first.  And let’s face it, how do you top front row?  Promised Land was good, but a little bit too showy.  Worse still, it was held in a summer theater that was designed (supposedly) for music, but it just did not sound that good.

8) Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I lucked into this concert.  I had been familiar with Trans-Siberian Orchestra before.  Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 was so radically different from any other holiday song that I bought up everything they had out.  So, when my mom happened to get an offer for tickets to their performance at Mohegan Sun, I jumped at the chance, especially since it was on a night I did not have to work.  I’m not sure my mom knew what to make of it going into the concert, but I think she did like their mix of rock, classical and holiday music.  Plus, our seats for the show were fabulous, just off the floor behind the tech crew, with a great view of the stage and the secondary performance area.  We could even feel the heat from the pyrotechnics.


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