Picks of the Week – May 1, 2013

It’s the first of the month and a Wednesday, so it’s time for some new books.

And, just a reminder, this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day.  Be sure to visit your local comic shop to pick up some free stuff, and maybe pick up a few new titles as well.


Detective Comics #20 (DC Comics) – It’s Batman versus Emperor Penguin, and the Dark Knight receives some help from a very unlikely source.

Earth 2 #12 (DC Comics) – The first year of Earth 2 wraps up as Doctor Fate faces Wotan with the help of Green Lantern and the Flash.  We see the foundations of this Earth’s super team, while leading into the next year as well.

The Movement #1 (DC Comics) – Coral City is a city with some problems with corruption in its police force.  Now they have to deal with the mysterious Movement, a team of superhumans who declare that the police are not wanted in their part of the city.

Legends of the Dark Knight #8 (DC Comics) – While I was not greatly impressed with the first of the two stories in this book, the second, Unnatural Selection, I found quite intriguing as Batman investigates the seeming resurrection of a cryptid.

Batwing #20 (DC Comics) – The new Batwing plants his stake in Africa under the guidance of the Dark Knight.  But, is he capable of defending himself against everything that the African continent will throw at him?

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