Things I Miss

A random list of things that I miss.

  1. Radio Dramas – Granted, I was not alive during the golden age of the radio drama, but I have heard enough of them to know that I really wish I had.  There was something magical about these shows, how they manage to tease the imagination with only words and sounds, allowing the audience to create their own vision for what they heard.  Sure, there are some radio shows still being produced, but nothing on the scale of the golden age.
  2. Facebook Friends – Once upon a time, when you wanted to find friends on Facebook, you had a number of search options.  Now, those search options are quite limited.  Worse still, you cannot eliminate people from the suggested friends list as easily as you once could.  Before, if you did not know a person on that list (in spite of the fact he knew 15 of your friends), you could hit an X and he was gone… at least for a while.
  3. Comic Handbooks – Both Marvel and DC Comics published handbooks to their characters, Marvel being the last one to do so.  I liked these because it allowed me to catch up with what was happening with characters that I had not been following carefully.  They also showed me the history of the characters, revealing details that I might not have seen in comics.  Finally, they also revealed characters that I had not been familiar with, making me wonder why we have not seen them anywhere since their last appearances.

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Avid comic reader, amateur writer, music fan, and someone with opinions, lots of opinions.

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